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#JustATravelingSalesman is J. Alex Lewis’s hashtag. If you see this hashtag anywhere on LinkedIn or on the internet, chances are the conversation started with him.

Questions that Travis C. Patterson asked J. Alex Lewis:

How to build confidence in your next professional relationship?

What are three ways you target the strongest relationships when connecting with professionals?

How to stand out against the competition in the job market?

Listen to this episode of The Interview Accelerator podcast to discover how J. Alex Lewis uses his confidence on LinkedIn to deliver value with his connections.

J. Alex Lewis is the host of #JustATravelingSalesman Podcast
He has 14 years of business, finance, and sales experience. Alex helps businesses make more sales and make higher margins. Alex is also a business & sales coach which helps business owners, executives, and salespeople make more sales, deals, and craft business sales skills.

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Your host, Travis C. Patterson is an interview coach for The Interview Accelerator training by PRR Training & Consulting. In interview coaching, building confidence is a very frequent topic of conversation, and learning how to sell Yourself with no sales experience can be challenging. Listen to this episode to learn some very key traits to doing just that.

Travis C. Patterson has been featured in FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, NBC NEWS, and on TV with FOX NEWS. Features include Yahoo News, Yahoo Life, Yahoo Finance (Canada & US), Influencive, Disrupt, New York Weekly, The U.S. News, Voyage ATL, Medium, and Top Podcast “Who’s OAR Is This with Anthony Waite”.

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